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One-on-One Coaching/Strategy Sessions

Not ready to bring on a consultant? Need to chat ideas?

One-on-one Strategy sessions are an informal setting to explore your business possibilities. We offer both one offs and multi-sessions; you can choose whatever works best for your business. Why do we offer this? At Digital Apeel we believe an honest consultation yields much better results than delegating all these efforts to an outside agency, or trying to tackle them yourself. Let us help you make the right moves before you spend money on marketing or business decisions that quite simply aren’t the best for your ROI.

Grow your business with one-on-one consult session.

  Whether you’re starting out, struggling with your current marketing efforts, or trying to piece it all together, we can help you make the right moves before you spend money on marketing or business decisions that quite simply aren’t the best for your ROI.

Do you wish as a business owner you could ask advice from someone who’s been there? We can be your go-to! Think of us as your “phone a friend”, we’re there when you need us, and we’re here for you. We have several companies that do just that!
We understand how hard it can be for any business owner. Strategy and marketing tactics must go hand in hand in order for any business to achieve a measure of true potential.

  • We can be an extension of your team, after all as we say, we don’t build marketing plans, we build relationships!
  • Go over your digital and traditional marketing to help you get you a clearer picture of how you can go full throttle.

One-on-One Strategy Session

 One-on-one sessions are an amazing way to talk about your current  marketing practices, processes, goals, and what gets you fired up in the morning. 

60 Minutes

Multi-session discounts available.

Would you like to:

  • Learn specific marketing and business skills
  • As questions about specific marketing topics
  • Expand your reach and find new customers
  • Craft a cohesive action plan for online marketing
  • Boost your online footprint and visability
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed with tasks

Some of the companies that experienced our strategy sessions:

We were boosting posts and targeting the wrong demographics on Facebook. We over paid and didn't get the people we wanted. This one-on-one helped us a great deal. Not only with content, Facebook but just a great way to figure out what we should do.
Hard Kore Custom Parts
Well to say we didn't know where to go with our online marketing strategy is an understatement. Thank you for all the information and helping us build a plan. The ability to call you when needed is like the cherry on top of the cake.
Electric Lawn Care

We Peel back the layers to successfully market your business.