Shape Your Business with a Marketing Audit.

How Can An Audit Help My Business Grow?

There are countless marketing strategies and tactics out there, so where do you start?
Where do you focus your time? Getting started with a full digital audit of your current practices is the best way to go forward. We offer both a digital audit & Google Ads only audit.

Does your website generate
traffic and leads?

Your website should convert users into customers? But what’s stopping them from converting or calling your business? 

Does your Google Ad Campaigns
convert leads?

One wrong move can cost your business thousands of dollars and a failed campaign. Are you converting or losing money?

You Need Strategy Before Tactics! Our custom Blueprint can help!

Strategy and tactics must go hand in hand in order for a business to achieve a measure of true momentum.

Without proper data, insight is impossible.

Pricing and what audits include:

Once you request your online audit we will ask you to share some details. The plan and reports we provide are yours to keep and share with your team or any other marketing professional. After we conduct our research we will deliver a full report in a one-on-one meeting that will also include: 

Roadmap to fix critical elements

Overview of what’s working and what’s not

Highest priority elements to address

Recommendations for optimizing your presence

Plan of action for your online presence

Google Ads

$ 400+
Depending on size of account.
  • Account Structure: Campaigns and ad groups
  • Campaign Settings
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Quality Score: Ad Copy and landing page relevance
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Ad Extensions

Full Digital

$ 799
Per Website
  • Comprehensive website review
  • Content review
  • Google My Business Review
  • Social Profile Review
  • Online Reputation Review
  • Competitive Landscape

Custom Blueprint

$ 500+
Depending on business size.
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Ways to stand out that make the competition irrelevant
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Priority Growth Recommendations
  • Editorial / Content Plan
  • Core Message and Ideal Client /Customer / Patient


We’ve helped businesses realize their potential, and dig deeper with strategies to engage current and prospective customers. Our audits help owners find the best path forward to profit and then execute the robust findings. 

We had a PPC Audit done by Digital Apeel and we are both thrilled and shocked just at how badly the agency ran our campaign. So many things were not done right and it seems like our campaign was set and forget. Thank you for your hard work. 
City Dental
We were lost when it came to digital marketing and I mean lost. With how your team showed us what we were missing and guided us to changes both web, ads and social its been like a breath of fresh air. Now we know what to improve on.
Heritage Chiropractic
I can't believe how much we missed on Google My Business, we didn't even know certain things existed. The information on Google Posts and reviews alone was worth it. We learned a lot.
Canmore Hearing
Our company wanted a second opinion on Google AdWords, we weren't convinced the agency doing the ads were doing it right? The audit was amazing and shed light into why we weren't getting leads.
Wonder Works

Did you know?

of consumers read reviews before contacting a business. 78% trust reviews more then recommendations.
of search traffic will be videos by 2021. Currently 55% of search results contain video.
of readers say they were turned off by content that seems like a sales pitch.