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Monkey Chit-Chat’s are an informal setting to explore your business possibilities. We offer both one offs and multi-sessions; you can choose whatever works best for your business. Why do we offer this? At Digital Apeel we believe an honest consultation yields much better results than delegating all these efforts to an outside agency, or trying to tackle them yourself. Let us help you make the right moves before you spend money on marketing or business decisions that quite simply aren’t the best for your ROI.

Get A One-on-One Session

Some of the topics we've helped Business owners with:


You know your customers, and you know your brand better than anyone. We can help you understand the unique needs and requirements of your business, then guide you in the right direction, for both the digital and traditional side of marketing.


No marketing strategy can succeed without thorough and regular analysis. Marketing and customer preferences change regularly and the marketing must change to accommodate what your customer wants and needs from your business.


Social Media has taken over our lives. Because of this, the "always on" customer expects more from your business. A well run Facebook page, blog and Instagram account can provide dividends for businesses, however, you need the right content plan to be successful.

One-on-One Overview:

Interested? Then help us help you and we will sit down and go over your digital and traditional marketing to help you get you a clearer picture of how you can go full throttle. No Monkeying around…just plain results.

  • 60 Minute Session
  • One-on-One through Join.Me or Google Meet
  • Mutual Screen Sharing


Think of us as your Dial A Friend with Multi-session Consulting

We can be your go-to! Think of us as your “phone a friend”, we’re there when you need us, and we’re here for you. We have several companies that do just that! After your initial one-on-one we have discounted hourly rates for our clients. We will be your go-to for when you have questions or need help implementing ideas. We can be an extension of your team, after all as we say, we don’t build marketing plans, we build relationships!

Were do you start?
Start thinking about your current marketing concerns and future goals:

  • Your foundations and beginnings
  • Your current practices and realities
  • Your immediate and long term goals
  • Your desires? Needs? Dreams?
  • Your Ideal Customer / Client / Patient
  • Your previous marketing successes? Failures
  • Your culture, customers, history and values


Our training is designed to help you get your marketing rolling, in a way that is not only suited for your business but also appeals to your customers by utilizing your business’s unique style, corporate culture, and brand.

The one-on-one really opened my eyes of what I could do for my business. I was so lost before hand. We needed pointers on what to do with our content strategy and Facebook. The new content strategy is honestly beyond impressive. Thank you so much!
Dr. Renwick
Well to say we didn't know where to go with our online marketing strategy is an understatement. Thank you for all the information and helping us build a plan. The ability to call you when needed is like the cherry on top of the cake.
Details Pet Grooming
We were boosting posts and targeting the wrong demographics on Facebook. We over paid and didn't get the people we wanted. This one-on-one helped us a great deal. Not only with content, Facebook but just a great way to figure out what we should do.
Hard Kore Custom Parts
We learned so much about what style of communication to use, how to use graphics and most importantly for us was the engagement pieces where to focus our digital spend. We feel now we will be able to drive our online marketing forward.
Eden Spa's

Did you know?

The average “dwell time” – time spent on page with content of over 1,000 words
the average people spend on Facebook. 71% of users login every day.
of all search traffic will be videos by 2021. Driven by streaming on social networks.