Online Marketing Audit

What if you could know which marketing tactics are working and which are not? Let’s face it, for any business owner, a failed marketing campaign is our worst nightmare. The chaos of running a small business often causes ideas to fall through the cracks. Not only that, last minute “shoot-from-the-hip” marketing, often lacks the effect, strategy and/or long term plan of action that will bring results.

If you’re just getting your marketing off the ground, an audit can be a great way to help kick off strategy. Once you’re further down the line, regularly scheduled audits are useful to keep marketing strategy aligned with business priorities.

What Get's You Fired Up Every Morning?

As an entrepreneur you need to stay in check with your goals, dreams, desires and keep that passion burning.  Let us put our years of experience to work for you.

A marketing audit will allow you to assess what’s worked and what hasn’t, helping you to quickly pivot when necessary.  Marketing and customer preferences change regularly,  you must be able to adapt to accommodate what your customer wants and needs from your business.

What a marketing audit can do for your business:

  • Carve out a path of success with actionable items
  • Tell you where you stand today
  • Set goals, targets and a strategy to go forward


How we help you put it all together...

Comprehensive Website Review

Arguably the most important part of your internet marketing strategy. If your website's user experience isn't friendly, or you lack a call to action, you will lose customers and sales.

Editorial content review

We all know content is king. Generating quality content is not enough. We analyze all content and make suggestions on how to improve for an ongoing content strategy.

Social Media Profile Review

Many companies don’t have a social strategy. Are you posting and hope for engagement? With a recent algorithm change it's becoming harder to reach your audience.

SEO Audit

If customers can’t find your site, how can they do business with you? Do you keep track of the search algorithm updates? Don’t assume you will continue to climb up the ladder.

Online Reputation Review

To say businesses will live and die by reviews is an understatement. We will audit your online reviews from top to bottom and give you insight on where you can improve.

Google My Business & Local Listings

Google My Business and other online profiles (Yelp, Facebook, etc) are integral to the online world. We will review and audit each business listing with recommendations.

Here's what we include in our findings:

  • Highest-impact activities you need to consider fixing.
  • Customer touch points - how they communicate.
  • Bigger picture of what is presently working online.
  • Steps to take control of your online reputation.
  • Your competitive landscape today.
  • A roadmap for success to take control of your marketing.

Estimated time to deliver your online audit is 2 weeks after completing our kick-off call.  An online meeting is then scheduled to go over all our findings. Our report is yours to keep and share with your team.  Let us help you dominate your craft!


We're on a mission to help business owners turn their passion into a profitable business.

Why get an audit for your business?

Look at it this way: for an employee, their performance review is traditionally used to provide them with constructive feedback and a plan on their work and career progression. A marketing audit does exactly the same thing for every entrepreneur. 

What our clients have to say:

We really benefited from the audit. It actually kept our agency on it's toes but also allowed us to see what was going on and how we could improve internally on so many levels. We use the report often and it's very in-depth.
City Dental
Our business required a different opinion if you will. We wanted an opinion on not only our website but our reviews. The feedback for improvement was amazing but also we found out a lot we didn't know.
Heritage Chiropractic