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Most frequent questions and answers to all your Digital Marketing Needs.

The best way is to have a content plan and strategy. Getting content together for at least 1 month or 2 prior will help your team achieve their goals and reach new customers. If you plan on having a Facebook page the bottom line is you need to keep it active. If you post once or twice a month, this won’t be enough to engage your audience or keep them interested in following you. 

That’s a big question without knowing your industry its hard to answer. Social media is like a “secret sauce” while Facebook could work for one business, Instagram could work better for another. Your social media needs to align with your business strategy. Facebook is a good place to start however – just because of the amount of people that spend on average of 20 minutes or more a day. However if you are trying to broadcast your company culture? Instagram would be a better way to go.

Social media – depending on the platform can help you find new customers through paid advertising. Facebook for example can help your customers find your business, reviews and content through Google Search. Social media also gives you a way to start a conversation and keep one going, with your target market.

This is a very common question. It really depends on your audience. We find a lot of businesses do better in the evenings when there is no competition during the day. Some businesses do better mid day then morning. Depending on what you are posting will depend on your results. The best way is to do a A/B test and see how your audience responds. 

Stories allow you to update an image or video to share with your subscriber. They disappear in 24 hours. They are a great way to get your customers and target market talking to you about a specific product, feature or what’s happening at your company.

SEO Cannot be guaranteed. If an agencies tells you they can guarantee rankings…run far far away. For more information read our blog post – Guarantees Are A Bad Sign For An SEO Agency

Google My Business is a requirement for any local – bricks and mortar business. If you have an actual physical address, you should have a listing in Google Maps. With Google my business you can get reviews from your customers, post photos, videos, and Google Posts. 

Yes, 100%. Email marketing is actually considered the ‘king’ of many digital marketing channels when it comes to direct conversions. Why? Because it’s cheaper than running any ads. You are directly able to market to your own customers at a fraction of the cost.  

This is a question we get a lot. It really depends on your business. However the general rule of thumb is no more than once a week. This may even be far too often for most businesses. For a small to mid size business it’s best to sick to bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. See how your customers feel and if you have enough worthwhile content. What you may think is interesting, your customers may not. 

Developing a content strategy takes time and effort. Your whole team within your company should be involved in someway. Why? Because they could have experiences with your customers that will lead to content creation. Sit down and map out content for at least 1-3 months in advance. Think about any piece of content or advice on how you will actually help your customer.

Your business should be creating at least 4 pieces of a content a month minimum. Anything less than this, really won’t help your business become the place of knowledge online. 

No, never. The reason being is that it’s not authentic and it is being used and delivered across their network of that industry. We’ve seen this in many industries including dental, HVAC, and many others. Simply do not ever use this as your content won’t help you with local search rankings and looks copied. 

A mix of both is ideal. Aim to write content between 500 – 12o0 words or more. This will depend on the style of content and how much information you have. Short content is good for items like “top 5/top 10” content pieces. Mix it up monthly. 

It depends on how often you post — and what you’re posting. Using an editorial calendar can keep you on task and can help you avoid duplicating posts. It also keeps everyone on task as well as gives you an overview of what you have done for the last few months. 

Your website is your sales engine, look at it as another sale representative only on a much bigger scale. A website that gets updated more than 5 times a month gets better search results in search engines like Google. You should invest in keeping your content in tip top shape.