E-commerce conversion rate – Still blaming website traffic?


Do you still blame your website traffic?

Many e-commerce website owners expect sales to grow with the traffic. Unfortunately, traffic does not equal money. When you hire a conversion rate specialist, it is usually 6 months or so before you start to see traffic converted into sales. So, before signing up a half a year contract, see what you can do with your team on your own.

These 3 steps will make a big difference for your sales in the next few months.

1. Increase conversion rate of your visitors to leads.

It is a popular belief that website visitors, or traffic, equals to leads, or sales. Visitors are anonymous guests (if you don’t use retargeting and cookies) who come and go if they are not intrigued by some offer to buy a product or contact the business.
For a visitor to make the sale as a 1st visitor is a big decision. Your goal should be to engage with them through exciting content, lead magnets, and helpful advice (for example thorough buying guides). Remember, all you need to make a conversion is an email address, and you can turn a visitor into a sale.

2. Decrease your anonymous visitor’s percentage.

You pay for traffic; you pay for SEO and content – you only do your best and …. 97% of your website visitors are invisible. Isn’t it time to own what you earn?

If your website has reached 30,000 monthly visitors, start retargeting and remarketing your visitors today. Just choose the methods wisely.
When to use Display retargeting and when to use Email remarketing? According to remarketing experts, display retargeting is a more efficient strategy for targeting customers at earlier stages of the funnel, whereas email remarketing is best for those customers who have expressed the buying intent at a later stage.

You can use service to this, for example, AdRoll. They claim that on average, AdRoll Email customers enjoyed open rates of 50–60% and click-through rates of 10–20%. You pay only for the click. AdRoll triggers a personalized email based on the shopper’s behavior on your website (products viewed, cart abandonment, pages visited.)
Remember you can still get them back. But only if you do something about it.

3. Increase value and relevance for your audience.

Often, the first mistake of an e-commerce site is too many separate categories of products that lose relevance to the website visitor. You need to balance the creative and the amount of information influx for your visitors with value. It can be a challenging task to please both the customers that want to see clean authenticity and the ones who want enough information to make a decision.
Second, is making sure that the traffic you are getting on your website comes from the audience whose interest matches your website offerings.

How can you do it? Be relevant to your campaigns:

For example, if you own an online pet food shop:
– Target audiences in pet lovers blogs.
– Do interview with one of the YouTube pet lovers channel owner.
– Launch campaign with animal rights NGO.

It’s being in the right place, at the right time, with the right information. Do some research. Find out what your potential customers need and then provide them with answers!

By trying these three simple changes, you will start to see your traffic converting to sales. And if you decide you need more help, contact Digital Apeel and see how we can turn your website into a money making machine!

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