Content Marketing is worthless without KPIs

Content Marketing is worthless without KPIs

As search engine algorithms progress, content marketing is one of the most integral parts of an SEO Campaign. Content marketing requires monthly investment, time, and commitment. Budget allocation is increasing as businesses understand that content is the most effective way to reach new customers. For example, B2B marketers who rate themselves to be most effective allocate, on average, at least 37% of their budget to content. In contrast, those who feel they are least capable allocate just 16%. (Content Marketing Institute, 2015)

With this growing commitment to content marketing, content and performance analytics have become an integral part of marketing audits and reporting.

Does your business track KPIs? Here are important KPIs that can be aligned with your business goals, and help you identify any weaknesses within your content marketing strategy.

Website Traffic

How are your monthly content efforts working towards traffic growth? How much traffic does each piece of content drive?

Traffic can demonstrate many things:

  • Do your content pieces require more content distribution to drive traffic and social media promotion?
  • Is your content of a high quality? Are metrics (readability, for example) perfected?
  • How long do users spend reading your content?
  • How long do users stay on your site?
  • What is your bounce rate?

What is the average page time?

This consumption metric can tell you a lot about your design and content quality.  However, before applying any Google Analytics metrics, make sure that you fully understand their function and what they measure, as there can be many misunderstandings for small business owners.

What are the exit pages?

Identify problematic content, in order to change it. Check where your visitors go, and where they drop off. You may need to change your internal navigation.

Content Marketing & SEO items you need to check to have optimized content

  1. Domains are referring to your site.

If you publish infographics and a lot of engaging content, as well as guest posts, as part of your content marketing, they should drive backlinks to your website.

  1. Content events.

Some of the most popular events to track:

  • Content downloadslike white papers
  • Video views and plays
  • Social media button shares and clicks
  • Image gallery clicks

Sharing metrics are essential for both social media marketing and content marketing performance tracking.

  1. Goal and Event Completions.

Assign a goal with each visitor in mindespecially if you want them to subscribe or buy your product.

Conversion Funnels

Inbound marketing is a funnel. As a business owner, you need to assess the buyer journey through every conversion funnel.  Content marketing KPIs don’t have to be static. You can create conversion funnels utilizing HotJar analytics software, which enables you to see see which content does not provide a good click through rate on your website.

  1. Leads and sales generated from the event completion.

When you track the above funnel, you can follow how the leads were generated through the final stage of the pipeline. By assigning a referral source to your content piece, you can later identify which customers perform an action after reading.

By perfectly synchronizing your content marketing KPIs, you will know exactly which pieces of content are lead magnets, driving sales for your business as a result. Remember: a professional inbound marketing expert can help track each dollar spent through content marketing.

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