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marketing consulting

Lost in the world of Digital Marketing?

How would it feel to take complete control of your marketing?  Is your website underperforming? Are you having trouble attracting and converting leads? Do you need to improve your social presence? Unlike agencies, we don’t get caught up in trying to fix segments of your marketing strategy. We like to think smarter, broader and bolder.   Businesses need a digital strategy, not just for today’s needs — but for tomorrow’s, too.  Give us problems, we’ll give you solutions.  We see challenges as opportunities.

How We Can Help Your Business Grow...

Social Media, Content & Video

The “always on” customer has upped customer service expectations. It’s time to build an exclusive audience - an active community full of people who are ready to champion your business to others.

Advertising - All Mediums

We combine strategy, super-targeted audiences, & amazing CTAs that actually work for your business industry. Let us help you rock your product or service on any platform digital or traditional.

Website Experience & Analytics

It's all about user experience. Are you converting website visitors into customers? Are you giving them what they need to convert? Are your analytics setup correctly to track each conversion?

Online Reputation management

Customers search for businesses with 4.8 rating or higher. Your online reviews matter more than ever. We can help you put it together and help your business get more reviews from your customers.

Communications, PR & Planning

All facets of campaign planning including target market demographic analysis & external research. We can help with public relations, copywriting, media planning, from concept to execution.

Branding, Strategy & Design

We provide iconic graphic design and branding. These days, brands are so much more than a slogan and a logo. A brand’s package encompasses every touch point in the customer experience.

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We Don't Have Clients We Have Partners.​

When you truly understand a partner’s business – the passion they bring to the table and work hard to help them achieve their goals – you grow fond of their business. Success isn’t measured in jargon-laden reports.  Success comes from partners achieving shared goals. It’s that simple. 

The Furnace Company

The Furnace Company is an Edmonton-owned business committed to service, quality workmanship and old-fashioned values.

Golf Cars of Arizona

Golf Cars of Arizona first opened their doors in Tucson in 1980. Over the decades, they have grown from the smallest to the largest golf car company in southern Arizona.

The Marshall Clinic

Providing quality, patient-focused treatment has been a family attribute since 1925. Patient-centred care is the core of our dental clinic.

Furnace Family

Furnace Family is a full service HVAC company specializing in residential furnace replacement and service, air conditioning, indoor air quality and water heaters.

Classic Canadian Tours

Classic Canadian Tours provides unique Canadian vacation experiences. Our specialty is to offer short and efficient tours to regions of Canada that are considered off the beaten track.

Pure Creations Wedding & Events

A full-service event company, and we customize everything to meet your needs. We envision a one of a kind event that your guests will remember.

More clients we have worked with

We're on a mission to help business owners succeed and dominate their craft.

Not Ready To Bring On A Consultant?

Need To Kick Some Tires On Some Ideas?

Monkey Chit-Chat’s are an informal setting to explore your business possibilities. We offer both one offs and multi-sessions; you can choose whatever works best for your business. Why do we offer this? At Digital Apeel we believe an honest consultation yields much better results than delegating all these efforts to an outside agency, or trying to tackle them yourself. Let us help you make the right moves before you spend money on marketing or business decisions that quite simply aren’t the best for your ROI.

A-La-Carte Consulting

This is an opportunity to talk about your processes, goals, dream and procedures.  We can be an extension of your team, after all as we say, we don’t build marketing plans, we build relationships!

$125 - 60 Minutes

Monthly Concierge options are available. Think of us as your “phone a  friend”, we can be your go-to! Get in touch!

Consulting we provide:

  • Business Strategy & Development
  • Digital & Traditional Marketing Consulting
  • Facebook Page Management (Consulting, Content Marketing, & Strategy)
  • Google My Business (Maps Listing, Setup, Tours, & Training)
  • Online Reviews Management (Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor, & Yelp)
  • Pay-per-click Advertising (Bing, Facebook, & Google Ads)
  • Website Strategy (Analytics, Design, & User Experience)