A Truly Canadian Experience

About Classic Canadian Tours

Classic Canadian Tours provides unique Canadian vacation experiences.  Our specialty is to offer short and efficient tours to regions of Canada that are considered off the beaten track. We fly directly to these regions from major gateway cities using chartered aircraft. For over 10 years, Classic Canadian Tours signature tour has been our same day Polar Bear Safari direct from Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatoon to Churchill, Manitoba.

Challenge: How do you reflect the love of Canada in design?

Design & Branding

Inspired by sheer excitement of the truly Canadian travel product, the team designed and developed the site to interactively capture the love of travel & reflect it back to potential guests.

Package Design

To give the guests an even more superior trip up north, our team worked on packaged designed through items like info packets, bookmarks (fully packaged), calendars and much more.

Social Channels

When it came to the Grey Cup charters, we worked with the CCT team to get the word out and fill a Boeing 737 jet with 24-48 hours notice. Transporting fans to the game, with a return trip home that same night.

Eye catching brochures helped agencies such as Co-op & AMA to sell Classic Canadian Tours.


Churchill, Manitoba is one of the few places where polar bears can be viewed in their natural environment. Thousands of excited visitors flock to visit each fall to view the magnificent polar bear.

Digital Apeel extracted that excitement and put it into creative marketing that sells not only polar bear tours but other unique Canadian experiences. We continue to brand Classic Canadian Tours as an exclusive way to visit remote and unique Canadian destinations utilizing photography and conversion centred design to capture the breathtaking wildlife and connect would-be travellers through newspaper & magazine advertising pieces.


Strong and healthy client relationships, along with the delivery of high performing marketing campaigns for Classic Canadian Tours, are pivotal to our clients success. We worked with CCT to ensure every piece of marketing highlighted the brand through images and design.