Artificial Intelligence & Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence & Customer Service

As a consumer and business owner, you’re probably wondering why so much money gets funneled into development and research for Artificial Intelligence chatbots.  There is no simple or fast answer to this, but one of the major factors is that customers today have rapidly changed their expectations of response time because of the digital age we live in.

With today’s fast paced internet based world, a company can lose up to 50% of their customers because they can take approximately 24 hours to respond to a query. This is simply not fast enough for today’s consumer.

When asking about a product or service, 66% of consumers expect a response to their query on the same day, and over 40% expect a reply within the hour.

There are automation tools that can help you earn trust while you build your brand. Even the simplest of responses, like an acknowledgment of the query, go a long way for building customer goodwill.

This begs the question, “If it’s really so urgent, why don’t clients just pick up a phone and call me?”

Once again, statistics are cruel to the business owner: 67% of people say they use the phone to make queries only as a last resort.

A possible first step for a small business would be try minimal automation to deliver a faster response. If you decide to serve customers with the speed they expect, there are numerous services where you can simply pay a monthly fee and viola!  You can meet those high expectations. Here are a few of the notable chatbot platforms:  Botsify, Tic,  Champloo,

The second step is to embrace the omni-channel platforms service.

Imagine, customer “Tom” tries to contact you on Twitter, then on Facebook, he makes a comment, and finally, Tom calls customer service. “Tom” automatically expects your staff to know about all of those inquiries on social media the moment that he tells his name.

That means that you need an integrated system where your staff can monitor all the interaction with your brand across the multi-channels of social media, email, and phone. An example of a many platformed program is SuperOffice, which enables you to solve your customers’ problems, whether they contacted you by phone, email, web forms or social media. Platforms like this provide small businesses with important benefits. Not only do they help you keep your customers satisfied, they provide you with marketing insights, which will deliver answers as to where your business needs to be revamped and grow. Because of this, stagnation is a thing of the past.

When your client’s needs are being met, your business will thrive and beat the competition. This understanding, that paying attention to social media and replying promptly, equals increased brand trust, increased revenue and huge savings. Based on BI Intelligence, The Chatbots Explainer, 2016: Chatbots Can Save Up To 30% In Customer Support Services. That sounds like a life saver for many small and medium business owners.

Now that you know what your customers expect, embrace the digital revolution. With the right instruction and training, it’s much easier than you might think.

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