The daily madness to become a better leader

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Small business owners have a unique pain. They wear a lot of hats at the same time- operations, partnerships, accounting, sales, marketing, human resources.

Let’s face it:  The daily madness of managing a business makes it easy to forget the most basic rule of successful management: align teams’ priorities for the business growth and customer success.

Digital Apeel is sharing today a checklist that can transform the way you audit your everyday leadership. This checklist makes business owners more self-aware and considers your management skills, relationship with team, audience, and approach to your brand’s growth. We have divided it into 4 sections and ask you the questions that you can use to create a personal list.

Let’s jump in.

  1. Assess your Business Skills.

Leadership itself requires business expertise and intelligence that supports all the angles of building both a brand and loyal customers’ base.

1)         Does Your Business Demonstrate Customer Experience Skills?

Digital Apeel is based on the belief that Customer Experience is the heart of every good business. That’s why we help business owners to find the best way to integrate customer experience into their company based on the current expectations.

What about you? Are your services and customer experience:

  • Humanized and personalized?
  • Dedicated ?
  • Focused on Relationship building?
  • Always Accessible?

Just remember before your Customer Experience can be effective, it must be consistent. There is no filtering and prioritizing of customers when it comes to the experience. To establish well-rounded practices start with our guides about customer experience and how to be a customer service ninja.

2)         Do You Keep Up with The Current Marketing Strategies?

It’s no wonder that you as a small business owner do not have time to learn new marketing tactics that change and shift as more channels are required for a small business to apply.

Even your family and friends might sometimes be saying – seek professional advice. Stop micromanagement – it is a fear-based behaviour that spreads the negativity and kills your team motivation fast.

Digital Apeel has created vast resources for business owners to maneuver the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Do you want to move from plan to campaign fast?  Go for the agile marketing plan and use the services of professionals.

  1. Evaluate Team Leadership.

Now let’s look at your relationship with a team.

1)         How Do You Give Credit When the Credit Is Due?

A key component of team leadership is generosity. Even Ronald Reagan said: “There is no limit to what a man can accomplish if he doesn’t care who gets the credit.” Psychology tells you that positive reinforcement models’ behaviour in the company. Harvard Business Review states it plainly: The best Leaders are Humble Leaders.

So, do you have recognition and dialogue system in place that works for your team?

2)         Are You A Positive Leader?

Happy people are contagious. They are always fun to be around. Your positive energy can fuel your team’s performance. However, positive leadership extends beyond the happy face and friendly attitude. It is not the same as being a kind, charismatic, and trustworthy leader.

So, what is a Positive Leadership? According to Kim Cameron – the leading scholar in Positive Leadership, this concept means:

  • focusing on what works for your organization,
  • using and connecting the strengths you have,
  • cultivating a sense of positive meaning and purpose
  • and communicating openly and positively about how you can accomplish great things

Positive Leadership has been at the center of the research worldwide, and its impact is acknowledged across cultures.  For positive climate, give negative events less attention. Plan your business by your strengths and establish the perception of progress.

3)         How Do You Set, Manage and Report Goals?

This question hurts many business owners because statistics is merely shocking:

More than 80% of small business owners don’t keep track of business goals.

The question that naturally arises is:  If you don’t track goals, what precisely do you expect your team to achieve?   Move quickly to action now: Create a Definition of Success for each member of the team.

It includes 7 elements:

  1. As a <role>,. E.g., marketer, sales, procurement, product manager.
  2. I want to <deliverable>. E.g., build a website, landing page, microsite.
  3. So I can <achievement>, outcome. E.g., followers, revenue, conversion, appointments, leads, CTR.
  4. I aim for <value> number and metric. E.g., 46%, 150k dollar, 200 leads
  5. Before <date>. E.g., 15th June 2019.
  6. Targeting <segment>, an audience which the beneficiary is targeting. E.g., segment, buyer persona, market.
  7. Concerning <proposition>, offer. E.g., discount, new packaging, service.

A good example is: As a sales manager, I want to build a website so I can drive leads. I aim for 50 leads by February 2018, targeting buyer persona Tom by offering technical consultation with 2 free months of software usage.

What’s next? Track and update these goals monthly.

Finally, do not make one of the most critical goal setting mistakes –   75% of business goals are not customer focused. Use this goal setting session as an opportunity to implement better customer experience.

  1. Examine Influencers and Connections.

Digital Apeel is all about connecting at the human level and being present for the customers, partners stakeholders and our team members. We don’t just build marketing plans; we build relationships.

We also know that like any relationship, it takes work to create business connections. Even more energy is required for the establishment of the long-term and meaningful partnerships.

Ask yourself today:

1)         Do You Have A List of Influencers That Your Customers Follow?

Are you aware that influencer marketing is a fastest growing channel for customer acquisition? Why? It has proven to work  – on average, businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing.

Now that you know it works start reaping the benefits of influencers marketing. Use aspirational contacts template and fill it based on your buyer personas profiles.

How to find influencers? There are many tools you can use. For example:

  • Buzztream
  • OpenInfluence

Also, do not forget to launch the influencer campaign on the most effective outlets. Based on research – Blogs and Facebook are by far the most effective outlets for influencer marketing.

2)         When Was the Last Time Your Customer Chose You Because You Built A Relationship?

There are several best practices for building a personal bond with a customer.

  1. Acknowledge their passions.

Listen to people when they talk about what their needs, priorities, desires are. Clients expect a humanized relationship. See the evidence of the things they love? Ask for details. When you get them talking about the things they like, it builds trust.

  1. Make time for individual conversations.

Twitter and Facebook do not count; you are not building a relationship with 500 or 10,000 people just by posting your breakfast pancakes photo.

  1. Build it over time, track and remember.

Imagine this – you have a business trip to New York tomorrow. You might be able to continue building a relationship with a potential partner that you met last year at the conference. If you track your contacts by locations and details about them, you can always continue building a long-term relationship.

  1. Audit Your Thought Leadership Outlets.

Want to fascinate customers by being an authoritative and attractive source in your industry?

Then ask yourself:

1)         Do You Apply Storytelling to Your Business Communication?

Why storytelling? Stories build following and sell products. Make sure that you perfect your story.

2)         Do You Have an Established Channel?

You can choose from the blog, YouTube, podcast.  Do not rely on social media posts alone. Thought leadership requires an authentic content creation.

3)         Is Your Content Consistent?

Consistency is one of the leading challenges for all sizes of business. Amaze Digital can help you deal with the consistency issues by establishing thorough guidelines and editorial calendar for your brand for the next 6 months.

4)         Are You Publishing Cornerstone Content and Lead Magnets?

Thought leadership can become an integral part of inbound marketing.  By focusing on research, reporting market insights, and developing the best practices – your team gets to publish lead magnets that can be used for growing an email list.

We care about your goals as your business leader. That’s why here at Digital Apeel, we help you nurture the growth and move from good to extraordinary.

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