We've Gone Bananas Over Here.

Amaze Digital is now Digital Apeel

We started on the digital marketing journey back in 2009, when we launched Amaze Digital.  Our goal was helping small businesses get online and understand how they can find their path through the crazy maze that is digital marketing. Almost 10 years later, and digital marketing is more of a maze than ever. Our goal was to be more than a digital marketing agency. We truly want to be there for our clients and shift their marketing by leaps and bounds.

But in the last year, we’ve changed quite a lot as a team. We’ve launched various websites, brands for businesses, and found that more often than not, clients want a consultant – a partner – not an agency. They don’t want to read technical or jargon laden reports, they just want to “get shit done”. That’s always been our motto and has never changed. We don’t beat around the bush. We’re upfront and we’re honest. We get companies off the ground and running.

As the landscape is ever changing, we have moved away from the “agency” feel. We felt that a fresh, fun approach is what truly defines us as a team. The old look, sound, and feel of “Amaze Digital” just didn’t define us as a team. It started to have that “blah” feeling.

The process of a brand change is never simple. However, whenever we introduced our mascot “The Monkey” everyone related and loved seeing him more than anything. We took that in-stride and created “Digital Apeel”. Now the monkey is at the forefront of the fun journey through digital marketing.

Come swing with us,

Your Digital Apeel Team.

Let's go banana's together

We are here to help you grow as an entrepreneur and business owner.  Our mission is to inspire and educate people on how to flourish in the digital world of technologies, transforming businesses and their owners.


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