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Our Story

Digital Apeel was born with the idea that small businesses deserve better – we take a personalized, humanized approach to marketing. We’re here because so many business owners struggle with marketing. We’ve seen owners get neglected by agencies and have no understanding of how vitally important the world of digital marketing really is. But, more importantly, small businesses don’t realize what enormous potential they have.

Our team has been consulting since 2009, and have come together under the Digital Apeel banner to bring back all the amazing fun marketing has to offer. We provide small business owners the opportunity to amplify their marketing through training, consulting, marketing audits and education, using much of our team’s insights.

Through the digital journey, businesses need a partner that will help them grow and empower them in the process. Take steps forward toward that special “apeel” that your business needs. We cordially invite you and your business to monkey around with us!

Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Dazzled.

Meet Jetter, AKA Monkey

Jetter is the face of the company and our fun loving office manager. When not in the office, he is usually Jet-Setting from coast to coast. You may even catch a glimpse of him Monkeying Around on Facebook and Instagram.

But let’s get back to the Business of Monkeys:

Jetter is an extraordinary Monkey, with desire to try everything (kind of a Monkey see Monkey do approach). He is great at social communication and  really knows how to play well with others (meaning he won’t drive you bananas…at least most of the time)!

Jetter also takes a unique view on things, which enables him to guide his team (across the monkey bars) with confidence and courage. And lastly, he shows excellent leadership with his team using passion, confidence and his clever sense of humor (like when he tells jokes…Why do monkeys love bananas? Because they have a peel!)

Favourite Food: Pizza and bananas of course!
Date of Birth: April 23
Favourite place to visit: The Beach

Meet Our team

Alisa Makowski

Top Banana peeler

Alisa is the top peeler here in our village of monkeys. Falling in love with marketing at a young age, Alisa has worked with various corporations while obtaining her B.Sc in Marketing. Over the course of only a few years, she was able to dominate her craft in the areas of: Web, Social, and Traditional Marketing. In that time period, she was able to work with companies such as The Furnace Company, Costco and with loyalty programs such as Aeroplan and Air Miles.

In 2011, after The Furnace Company’s major acquisition, Alisa continued to consult with various types of clients including those in the areas of travel, HVAC, hospitality, medical/dental, SAAS, and many more. She worked with the City of Edmonton as a consultant in Content Marketing, and was given the flexibility to craft various designs, content, and PPC Ads on Facebook – not to mention winning a prestigious Shorty Award. Then, working within SAAS gave her exposure for coaching Fortune 500 teams through SEO, Analytics and website implementations. In 2016, she was tasked with going back to the HVAC world and ensuring internet dominance for the Furnace Family. Through Alisa’s marketing leadership within the first year, the Furnace Family has achieved internet success, winning a top 100 dealer award, Best of HomeStars, and a Western Canada Marketing award and the company is growing at a steady pace. Alisa is also the most outgoing when it comes to our barrel of monkeys. She is an avid runner and foodie. When she is not crafting stellar marketing strategies and supporting her clients to achieve huge success, you will find her fine dining on many different continents or running one of her favourite trails.

Jenn Lisoway


HI! I’m Jenn. Allow me to share my story. After graduating High School, I completed a diploma in the area of Digital Graphics Communications from SAIT. I then worked in many aspects of the print industry from billboards and bus signage to 10 colour offset Heidelberg Press Printing.

Among my many hats and wonderful career opportunities I’ve had, I have also been fortunate to do much Jet-setting similar to our office manager.  In addition to printing, I also have completed many courses at Mount Royal University in the Event Management Program.

I am a Certified Wedding Coordinator with the WPIC. My expertise lies in the area of printing but also in digital design. I have an amazing set of multi-tasking organizational skills, combined with a super positive “can do” attitude that will help me execute your design with precision and detail. I will passionately invest in what’s most important to you and am up for the challenge of creating a design you will love and represent your brand perfectly.

Jackie Zwirn


Having worked for 20 years in the legal field in Los Angeles, Jackie knows the importance of words.  More important than that, she knows the importance of editing those words.

Jackie’s job is ensuring that everything looks good and has been written to SEO and marketing specifications. She’s written articles for websites such as AAA Arbitration, Krypton Radio, What A Nerd Girl Says and The Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army (the 2nd largest Harry Potter fan group in the country) fan publications, “The DA Prophet” and “The Squibbler.” She has also written movie and book reviews for several online publications, as well as her own nerdy blog.

While she isn’t quite the jet-setter her colleagues are, Jackie’s passion is music.  Since moving to Texas, she has started her own vocal studio and teaches voice, in addition to her duties of doing most of the writing and editing as the “Lady Wordsmith” for Digital Apeel. She’s published several short stories under a pen name, has been tinkering with a full-length novel, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music.

Kathy Renwick

PPC Monkey Wrencher

As the PPC (pay-per-click) guru, or as we like to call her, the Lady of Numbers, Kathy’s job is ensuring that campaigns work flawlessly to attain our clients super amazing ROI.  With a B.Comm. in Marketing, Kathy has worked primarily in the PPC field, but has also developed her exceptional skills as a self-taught Content Marketer, she ended up working for many large corporations in both aspects.  Outside of marketing Kathy loves to cook at home and continue to keep track of all things digital marketing.

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