1st Choice Dental

Graphic Design / Online Reputation Management / Consulting


1st Choice Dental was looking for a brand refresh. After serving the community for over 20 years, they decided on a new logo to personalize who they really are. Digital Apeel worked with the team to ensure the logo showed personality which is what the practice was all about. We helped articulate it’s unique story across their website, marketing brochures and a new patient postcards.

Postcard campaign for new patients

Digital Apeel designed the postcards the practice uses on an on-going basis that are changed as needed. These postcards are aimed at specific areas within the city and are designed to focus on new patients. This postcard promotes what the practice offers as well as gives a new patient a promotion to try the practice. When 1st Choice Moved offices and locations, it was apparent they wanted to market within the area to possible new patients. We developed a postcard campaign to showcase a new dentist being in the area with a promotional offer.

New Branding Design

A fresh new look and strategy on the corporate brand. We repositioned the company and focussed the brand around its ability to create a more “fun” culture about dentistry.  Through thoughtful design, we helped 1st Choice Dental rebrand themselves as a more hip dental office.

A Lasting Relationship!

I continue to work with Digital Apeel for over 5 years now. We initially did the design for the logo and have continued with new postcards on a quarterly basis. Love the work and the continual commitment to me as a small business owner. I have also taken this team up on Facebook Training. Thanks I couldn't be happier.
1st Choice Dental Team